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Craig Shelton and Tom Grula, two ex-OSU swim team members, thought it would be a great idea to organise an OSU swim team reunion.

Around about the same time that they came up with the reunion plan they made contact with Lennie Norris. As it happened Lennie who resides in the 51st State (the UK to the uneducated) was making a trip to the USA and he made arrangements to meet up with Craig and Tom in Atlanta.

During the link up in Atlanta all three decided that the weekend of the 2009 Homecoming game would be a the appropriate date to organise a reunion.

Craig and Tom started to track down all the known "usual suspects" and managed to come up with a list of email addresses.

Cutting a long story short, an email was sent out and all hell broke loose. Reply emails started to come in and ex-swimmers were located.

Ron Woodburn in his reply email attached an old swim team photograph and he set a challenge to name all the people in it, but to date he and the rest of us can't name or remember anybody in the picture. Ron said that he had trouble picking himself out and denies he has Alzheimers.

The 2009 reunion took place and todate we have had 11 reunions. Go to the sidebar buttons and you can see reunion pictures for all 11 reunions.

The reunion committee members are:

If anybody else would like to join the committee, please let us know.

If you are in contact with anybody else who participated in the OSU swimming programme, please contact them and let us know their email address.

Go Pokes!!